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December 13 2010

We have moved

Find our new blog at

December 03 2010


OpenDuino is the project that MAKE features on their website. Proudly "made by syn2cat"!

November 30 2010

Hackers @ the XMas Market in Strassen

There's nothing like a unique gift

XMas is coming and you still don't have no clue for original presents?
Then, come to the XMas Market in Strassen (Place Guillaume, near the commune) and visit syn2cat's booth (#16) for gifts you won't find elsewhere :

Blinkentree, XMas Mate and our all so famous chocolate keyboards Keybite.
Care for some reservations? Contact us directly through our website

November 04 2010

Progressbar hackerspace (Slovakia)

"Luxembourg hackerspace unlike that Bratislava has a huge area (reading room, workshop, separate bar with a fridge full of Club Mate) and also great support from the city itself, thus they can afford to Luxembourg ratios symbolic Member - only € 6 per month. Every day there are 5-10 people present during the presentations and special events (like the after party a little more.  Interestingly in this area is the language of communication, says most members Syn2cat pracovný (ne)poriadok Luxembourg (which is something distant German), some French, so the official language of the meetings is usually English."

(Thanks to Pavol for this nice blogpost on us!)

October 21 2010

This might be labeled: "Some people hack buildings..." or "The many uses of ducttape..." Gotta pay a visit to CNA, I suppose.
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June 02 2010

HaxoGreen 2010 Schedule

An almost final version of the HaxoGreen schedule is available on the camp wiki. Check it out and recheck often, there are even more things to come!

April 17 2010

Registration - Haxo-Green SummerCamp 2010

The number of participants is limited. According to our registration system, 70 tickets are left.
So register early!
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March 06 2010

8336 49ea 500
The shirt for HaxoGreen 2010 Summercamp is now official.
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March 05 2010

Registration for HaxoGreen 2010 now open!

The registration for this year's summercamp "HaxoGreen 2010", from July 22nd till July 25th and organized by both the Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg and syn2cat is now open.

Surf to to register and make sure you'll get a Ticket for this small and cosy hackers' meeting in the heart of Europe, the small state of Luxembourg.

Participation is also highly welcome. Would you like to give a talk, hold a workshop or do some other activity? Check out to learn more about this year's topics and how to submit your proposal.
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February 26 2010


Add your Meeting
Regular General Assembly Regular General Assembly, February 28, 2010 From: 2010/02/28 03:00:00 PM Till: 2010/02/28 05:00:00 PM Recurring: no Homepage: Attendees: all syn2cat members Contact Person: Kwisatz (mail),SteveClement (mail),Macfreak109 (mail),Xx5y (mail)



Fellow members and sympathizers of the syn2cat a.s.b.l.

In accordance with Art. 13 [0] of our statutes, you have hereby been formally invited to participate in an extraordinary General Assembly which will take place

on Sunday, February 28th 2010, 3pm at the Hackerspace in 11, rue du Cimetière in Strassen, Luxembourg

This is a regular general assembly, featuring a vote of the next effective year's council, discharge of the Treasurer, etc...

Candidacies to the administrative councils have to be submitted to the active council prior to the beginning of the general assembly. [1]

All active members have active and passive election rights. [2]

Please note that at least 2/3 (two thirds) of all active members will have to be present in order for a change of the statutes to be accepted [3].
Also note that you can choose to be represented (and have your vote cast) by any other active member [0].
You can do so by letting the council know of your decision and the person representing you by stating so in an email with a valid pgp signature or outfitting chosen person with a signed sheet of paper.

If you have any suggestions as to the order of the day, please submit them at least 48 hours before the General Assembly.

Yours faithfully,
David Raison, secretary general

Order of the day

Don't forget that if you want to be on the new council, you need to tell the old one so, before the official start of the assembly.

  1. Welcoming speech by the administrative council
  2. Vote on the new syn2cat logo and jingle
  3. Debate on modifications to the statutes:
    1. Art. 7, which is in conflict with our internal regulation on membership fees.
    2. Art. 9, removal of point 3
    3. Art. 9, insertion of a new point 1: "Tout candidats au postes de secrétaires tiendront un discours de 5 à 10 minutes pour présenter leurs propositions de projets pour l'année à venir."
    4. Art. 13 or 14, add "Si toutefois la convocation écrite n'est pas envoyée dans le délais prévu de deux semaines, les membres pourront être convié avec un préavis d'une semaine avec l'accord d'un quart des membres effectifs."
  4. Presentation of 2009's receipts and expenditures
  5. Discharge of the treasurer by our auditors
  6. Election of a new administrative council
  7. Election of the secretaries
  8. Misc.
  9. Closure
  10. (C3L GA)
  11. PGP/CA Key signing party (After C3L GA)



Remember that your delegations are only valid if you send a digitally signed email to the discuss list or your representative brings a document to the assembly.

  • Tschew --> SteveClement

February 06 2010

The Warzone Project

What is the Warzone Project?

The Warzone Project is an attempt of PS:One and HacDC to create a Darknet, which connects all Hackerspaces at the world.
The idea behind this is to build up a Community "Platform" for the hackerspaces. A place where they can share their files, connect to each other and so on
and not using other services, where we don't know what they're doing with our data and to keep our privacy.
But also to create a sandbox for IT-Security researcher, where they don't have to worry about compromising another one's system and information and
to have some "CTF" fun.
The networks of dn42, ChaosVPN and Agora Link are already participating in this darknet.

So, the Warzone is the sandbox of this darknet for CTF, Security Research Groups, Hackerspaces and all kind of people interested in IT-Security.

So how will participate in this darknet/Warzone?

So, the first idea is to join the darknet, to become part of the big international community of hackers, sharing files and so on.
A problem is the Warzone:
We don't have enough people (and mostly experienced people) to actually participate in the Warzone project yet. So, to actually do something
in the direction of IT-Security, the idea was to organize so called "workshops* where we get together and work together to learn one specific thing
of IT-Security, organizing talks and so on. Because, learning in a group and learning from talking with other people, is by far more productive than
simply reading a book, alone in the corner of your house.

So when are these "workshops"?

So, first, please give me times and dates, where all of you interested in the Warzone Project, have time to come by, so that I can build a timetable.

January 11 2010

Berlin - Welt-Hackerhauptstadt

German podcast by "Deutschlandradio" featuring Harald Welte, Felix Lindner (FX), Jürgen Neumann, the Chaos Communication Congress, the c-base, and so on...

January 10 2010

HaxoGreen 2010 - Hackers' SummerCamp

HaxoGreen 2010 is the second iteration of the annual four-day outdoor camp in early summer 2010 organized by C3L and syn2cat. This rather informal and cosy camp takes place from July 22nd till July 25th 2010.

Whether you want to attend lectures and workshops, hack on your projects or just share 3 midsummer nights outdoors, socialising with other hackers, artists and geeks, HaxoGreen is the place to be. No need to be a 1337 H4X0r, we welcome all inquisitive people from around the globe.

The camp is organized by the community around Luxembourg's Hackerspace syn2cat and the Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg. We appreciate your participation, be it by holding a lecture, a workshop or presenting your projects and ideas during a 10 min lightning talk.

Also don't miss the movies and music in the evenings on our big screen.

The camp is located at the scouts' ground near the city of Dudelange in the southern region of Luxembourg/Europe. The camping ground features adequate restrooms and shower facilities. Indoor rooms for lectures and workshops are also available.

The nearby town of Dudelange, near the borders to France and Germany, offers access to shops and markets for all of your grocery needs.

Visit the Camp-Wiki:
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8591 f617 500
Thanks to our most regular visiting association, the Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg, meeting every Monday (8pm) at the hackerspace in Strassen, we now have a fully equipped chill area for those evenings where you just want to put your feet up.

In the other room the lab area has been reorganized and fitted with a purpose-built electronics table with a permanent soldering station and circuit analysis equipment.

More pictures of our rejuvenated location can be found here. If you want to visit the space, hold an association meeting there or work on some projects but the space is closed, just drop us a line and we'll get back to you really quickly!
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January 03 2010

C3L Meeting

Add your Meeting
C3l Meeting Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg From: 2009/10/05 08:00:00 PM Till: 2010/10/04 11:55:00 PM Recurring: weekly Homepage: Attendees: Contact Person: Caveman (mail)

December 25 2009

Jingle and Logo contest - Win 6 months of free membership.

syn2cat is looking for a new logo and a new jingle for its radio show. Be the lucky winner of 6 months free membership to Luxembourg's Hackerspace!

What is there to win?

If your submission in either the radio jingle or logo contest wins (by public vote at the end of the timeframe) you get 6 months free access to the Hackerspace. (Please note that if you already payed your membership, these 6 months will be added. We cannot refund money, sorry.)

Also, at the suggestion of JollySea, there's also a 2nd place to both contests which involves one crate of Club-Mate.


The winning design will become syn2cat's main logo and of course there will be apparel with it ;)


The winning jingle will become the entry jingle to our RadioShow: LetzHack.

Who can participate?

This contest is open to everyone.


The contest began on November 14th, 2009 and will end at 23:05 MET on January 23rd, 2010. During that time, any number of submissions to the contest can be made.

The polls will be open until February 1st and the winners will be announced at the General Assembly in February 2010.


Both the logo as well as the jingle should have a recognition value. That is to say that they should bear resemblances to either of the current logos (barcode or pcb) and jingle.

The logo has to be a scalable vector graphic. (Preferably Inkscape SVG)

The jingle can be in any file format but shouldn't exceed 20-30 seconds More information on the jingle can be found here:

Start from scratch?

You don't have to! Check out the storage repository to get all existing material:

~ $ svn co svn://

Make sure to update your working copy regularly. There might be new stuff available.

More info?

The original page is here:

Need help? Contact us!

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December 23 2009

26C3 Dragons Everywhere

Add your Event
26C3 Dragons Everywhere Allow those unable to attend the Congress in Berlin to celebrate their own Hack Center Experience, watch the streams, participate via twitter or chats, drink Tschunk, cook and have a good time. From: 2009/12/26 11:00:00 PM Till: 2009/12/30 06:00:00 PM Recurring: no External: no Cost: freewarning.png"free" is not a number. Homepage: Attendees: everyone Contact Person: Gunstick (mail) Location Venue: Where: Strassen, Luxembourg Map: Latitude: 49°36′58.32″N
Longitude: 6°4′15.6″E

Latitude: 49°36′58.32″N
Longitude: 6°4′15.6″E

Hackerspaces around the globe will have livestreams of the talks from 26C3 and have a good time. syn2cat is part of it and if you can't attend the congress in Berlin, you should be a part of this event!


Leave your name here if you plan on attending the 26C3 Congress Streaming @ syn2cat.

  • Ritchie Flick
  • Muling
  • Perforin ( virii vir dei aaner^^ )
  • Gunstick


  • VPN directly to the 26C3 network @ bcc (connect to hosts on the internet from addresses belonging to the congress ip-space which may be an advantage for certain "projects"  :-) )

December 20 2009

Rest in Pixels, Oneup; creator of stuff, inspiration to people

Florian Hufsky, aged 23, fellow hacker, designer, programmer, metalab member, pirate, and above all inspiration to many people, died on the 16th December 2009.

Though none of the syn2cat people had the chance to know him personally, many have expressed how they were emotionally touched by this tragic event.
"Even though I didn't know him", someone told me, "I feel like he was part of the family; somehow, all hackers feel like a big family to me." I can only stress that this is a shared feeling and that I hope that Florian's ideas as well as his motto: "When in doubt, do it!" will live on and keep on motivating people to do what Florian achieved and aspired to in his short lifespan.

Many open questions frame his death and the shock waves of this tragedy have spread far beyond Florian's family and friends, reaching out to followers, admirers and soul mates throughout the world. We would like to express our deepest sympathy at the loss of someone who has been, and should have continued to be, an idol to many of us.

Read more on Florian on
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