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26C3 Dragons Everywhere

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26C3 Dragons Everywhere Allow those unable to attend the Congress in Berlin to celebrate their own Hack Center Experience, watch the streams, participate via twitter or chats, drink Tschunk, cook and have a good time. From: 2009/12/26 11:00:00 PM Till: 2009/12/30 06:00:00 PM Recurring: no External: no Cost: freewarning.png"free" is not a number. Homepage: Attendees: everyone Contact Person: Gunstick (mail) Location Venue: Where: Strassen, Luxembourg Map: Latitude: 49°36′58.32″N
Longitude: 6°4′15.6″E

Latitude: 49°36′58.32″N
Longitude: 6°4′15.6″E

Hackerspaces around the globe will have livestreams of the talks from 26C3 and have a good time. syn2cat is part of it and if you can't attend the congress in Berlin, you should be a part of this event!


Leave your name here if you plan on attending the 26C3 Congress Streaming @ syn2cat.

  • Ritchie Flick
  • Muling
  • Perforin ( virii vir dei aaner^^ )
  • Gunstick


  • VPN directly to the 26C3 network @ bcc (connect to hosts on the internet from addresses belonging to the congress ip-space which may be an advantage for certain "projects"  :-) )

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