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Regular General Assembly Regular General Assembly, February 28, 2010 From: 2010/02/28 03:00:00 PM Till: 2010/02/28 05:00:00 PM Recurring: no Homepage: Attendees: all syn2cat members Contact Person: Kwisatz (mail),SteveClement (mail),Macfreak109 (mail),Xx5y (mail)



Fellow members and sympathizers of the syn2cat a.s.b.l.

In accordance with Art. 13 [0] of our statutes, you have hereby been formally invited to participate in an extraordinary General Assembly which will take place

on Sunday, February 28th 2010, 3pm at the Hackerspace in 11, rue du Cimetière in Strassen, Luxembourg

This is a regular general assembly, featuring a vote of the next effective year's council, discharge of the Treasurer, etc...

Candidacies to the administrative councils have to be submitted to the active council prior to the beginning of the general assembly. [1]

All active members have active and passive election rights. [2]

Please note that at least 2/3 (two thirds) of all active members will have to be present in order for a change of the statutes to be accepted [3].
Also note that you can choose to be represented (and have your vote cast) by any other active member [0].
You can do so by letting the council know of your decision and the person representing you by stating so in an email with a valid pgp signature or outfitting chosen person with a signed sheet of paper.

If you have any suggestions as to the order of the day, please submit them at least 48 hours before the General Assembly.

Yours faithfully,
David Raison, secretary general

Order of the day

Don't forget that if you want to be on the new council, you need to tell the old one so, before the official start of the assembly.

  1. Welcoming speech by the administrative council
  2. Vote on the new syn2cat logo and jingle
  3. Debate on modifications to the statutes:
    1. Art. 7, which is in conflict with our internal regulation on membership fees.
    2. Art. 9, removal of point 3
    3. Art. 9, insertion of a new point 1: "Tout candidats au postes de secrétaires tiendront un discours de 5 à 10 minutes pour présenter leurs propositions de projets pour l'année à venir."
    4. Art. 13 or 14, add "Si toutefois la convocation écrite n'est pas envoyée dans le délais prévu de deux semaines, les membres pourront être convié avec un préavis d'une semaine avec l'accord d'un quart des membres effectifs."
  4. Presentation of 2009's receipts and expenditures
  5. Discharge of the treasurer by our auditors
  6. Election of a new administrative council
  7. Election of the secretaries
  8. Misc.
  9. Closure
  10. (C3L GA)
  11. PGP/CA Key signing party (After C3L GA)



Remember that your delegations are only valid if you send a digitally signed email to the discuss list or your representative brings a document to the assembly.

  • Tschew --> SteveClement

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