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December 07 2009


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Design Patterns of OOP What patterns? What for? And how do I implement that stuff? From: 2010/05/15 05:00:00 PM Till: 2010/05/15 07:00:00 PM Recurring: no Where: Strassen, Luxembourg Cost: free Who: everyone with a basic understanding of coding techniques. Contact Person: Kwisatz (mail) Map: Latitude: 49°36′58.32″N
Longitude: 6°4′15.6″E

Latitude: 49°36′58.32″N
Longitude: 6°4′15.6″E

More info in due time.

Register here

Put your name/username/signature here if you're planning to attend this workshop.

  • azunix
  • Tschew (if I'm around Lux at that time)

December 04 2009

CPMP Fridays

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CyberPunk Motion-Picture Fridays CyberPunk and Hacker Movies! From: 2010/04/02 08:00:00 PM Till: 2011/04/01 10:00:00 PM Recurring: weekly Homepage: Attendees: Contact Person: Kwisatz (mail)

Every Friday evening, a Cyberpunk movie will be shown in our Meet&Chill Room

November 09 2009


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Extraordinay General Assembly Extraordinay General Assembly, Nov. 8, 2009 From: 2009/11/08 03:00:00 PM Till: 2009/11/08 05:00:00 PM Recurring: no Homepage: Attendees: Contact Person: Kwisatz (mail),SteveClement (mail),Tschew (mail),Macfreak109 (mail),Xx5y (mail)



Fellow members and sympathizers of the syn2cat a.s.b.l.

In accordance with Art. 13 [0] of our statutes, you have hereby been formally invited to participate in an extraordinary General Assembly which will take place

on Sunday, November 8th 2009, 3pm at the Hackerspace in 11, rue du Cimetière in Strassen, Luxembourg

Its main objective is a change of the statutes.

Will have an active right to vote only those who have paid their membership fees for the running year (i.e. 42/21€) or a full, yearly membership fee (i.e. at least 72€) before November 1st. [1]

Please note that at least 2/3 (two thirds) of all active members will have to be present in order for a change of the statutes to be accepted [2].
Also note that you can choose to be represented (and have your vote cast) by any other active member [0].
You can do so by letting the council know of your decision and the person representing you by stating so in an email with a valid pgp signature or outfitting chosen person with a signed sheet of paper.

If you have any suggestions as to the order of the day, please submit them at least 48 hours before the General Assembly.

Yours faithfully,
David Raison, secretary general

Order of the day

  1. Welcoming speech by the administrative council
  2. Presentation of the changes to the statutes
  3. Suggestions of changes to the statutes by members in the audience
  4. Debate on membership forms and fees (Art. 6)
  5. Vote of the changes
  6. Debate on 'recruiting new members'
  7. Debate on Voting system for purchases and subscriptions
    1. Open call for participation on our X-Mas wishlist and Book wishlist
  8. Misc.
  9. Closure

Suggested changes to the statutes

  • Le nom de l'association est à changer comme suit:
"syn2cat a.s.b.l. - Association pour l'encouragement des innovations sociales et techniques"
  • Le siège social de l'association est à changer à
11, rue du Cimetière
Pavillon "Am Hueflach"
L-8081 Strassen
  • L'article 6 est à changer comme suit:
"La cotisation annuelle minimale est fixé à 72€. L'association encourage une cotisation reflètant les moyens financiers des membres respectifs. Toutefois, elle ne pourra dépasser 600€"
  • La deuxième partie de l'article 18 est à changer comme suit:
"S'y ajoute un groupe de travail composé de membres effectifs spécifiquement désignés par le Conseil d'Administration."
  • L'article 22 est à changer comme suit:
"En cas de dissolution de l'association, ses biens matériaux seront sujets à une vente aux enchères. Les crédits résultants seront laissés aux bons soins d'une entité à désigner par l'Assemblée Générale, en vue de les mettre à disposition de projets similaires.



General Assembly syn2cat 8 november 2009

Time: 15:20

Present: 12 Members By procuration: 3 Members

Total: 15 of 23

2/3 presence is given.

Welcoming speech by the administrative council

Short welcome

Presentation of the changes to the statutes

The name change is accepted with 100% votes of present members.

The location change is accepted with 100% votes of present members.

After discussion the article 6 is changed to "La cotisation est fixée par l'assemblée générale. L'association encourage une cotisation reflètant les moyens financiers des membres respectifs. Toutefois, elle ne pourra dépasser 600€ par an."

Modification of article 18 is accepted by 100% of present members.

The modification of article 22 to auction off at dissolution has been rejected by 14 no votes against 1 yes. Spelling error in that article "entité"

Suggestions of changes to the statutes by members in the audience

The suggestion to add to article 1 that the "siege social" can be changed by the council is rejected by majority of votes.

Debate on membership forms and fees (Art. 6)

After long discussion about monthly or yearly payments and memberships the following consensus was found. This was also based on the idea that the hackerspace should be accessible to anyone.

"La cotisation anuelle est fixée à 72€ minimum. Les membres sont autorisés à étaler leurs payements sur 12 traites au maximum. Les nouveaux membres payent leur cotisation au pro rata arrondi au mois d'entrée. Le conseil d'administration peut dispenser un membre en difficultées financières de cotisation."

Vote of the changes

Proposition for membership fees accepted by majority votes of present members.

Debate on 'recruiting new members'

General opinion is that regular presence in media is good and that members should talk and promote syn2cat in their social environment.

Debate on Voting system for purchases and subscriptions

Discussion about how to avoid spending for silly things or spend more than we have available. Subscriptions are quite expensive per year. Bartek proposes to ask members to bring their read magazines to the space instead of stocking them at home. This makes the hackerspace dependent on external subscriptions. It's still kept for trial. Marc proposes to look out for sponsored or free magazines. Some editors also have special rebates for schools and students we could try to obtain. Also to consider is that magazines like c't are quickly loosing their interest in time whereas magazines like elektor contain information useful for several years. We should concentrate on magazines with lasting usage. Access to metalib (see christmas wishlist) was also discussed.

"Members can create a vote for an expenditure. The vote is limited in time and the simple majority of all voting people counts. This procedure can not be used to spend money budgeted by the treasurer on future expenses" accepted by 100% of present members.

Open call for participation on our X-Mas wishlist and Book wishlist

The sponsor has a preference for robotics, and may even invite to the 2010 robot football championship in Vienna.


Q: what is the relation of syn2cat to lilux and C3L
A: C3L uses the paying access to the space. For 6€ per day present they get exclusive use of one room for 5 hours and their members have that whole day (24h) access to all infrastructure. LiLux have done only one meeting at the location.

Q: political orientation
A: in principle the hackerspace is political neutral. There won't be any political parties which are allowed to hold their meetings at the premises.

Q: how is the access managed
A: there is no problem to get keys from the commune. The alarm tags are a problem because the company has gone out of business, so we can't get more tags. Maybe the commune needs to install a new alarm system and/or include the building into the commune central access system. Another idea is to change the locks or add our own locks. This can be problematic for firefighters. A couple of keys has to be given to the responsible person in commune of Strassen.

Q: Nicolas asks if is there an interest for a dedicated electronics and soldering table.
A: yes. this table should be really dedicated to this task. No other activities. Nicolas will provide it.

Q: how is the insurance handled
A: we are in negotiations with Le Foyer. The civil resonsibility covers 40 members and 4 public manifestations. Third party corporal and material damages are also covered. An additional insurance can be added for mobile devices.


The meeting closes around 18:00

November 07 2009

Debian packaging

Add your Workshop
Debian Packaging Introductory workshop on packaging for Debian From: 2009/11/08 10:00:00 AM Till: 2009/11/08 12:00:00 PM Recurring: no Where: Strassen, Luxembourg Cost: free Who: everyone Contact Person: lmamane (mail) Map: Latitude: 49°36′58.32″N
Longitude: 6°4′15.6″E

warning.png"{{{u19}}}" is not in the list of possible values (yes, no) for this property.

Latitude: 49°36′58.32″N
Longitude: 6°4′15.6″E

Introductory workshop on packaging for Debian.

Please register with Lionel (or add your name to the list below) to ease organisation.

We could work on a synthetic example, but it would be best if we worked on something that you actually want to package (and maintain?) for Debian. So if any of your favourite programs (whether you wrote them or not) is not packaged, let's take them as working example. Anybody has such a program (or dataset or ...) to suggest?

Take a machine running Debian with you, with everything needed to compile the program installed and the following packages: build-essential, devscripts, dpkg-dev, dh-make (plus a reasonable selection of their recommendations and suggestions).

Interested People

  • Guillaume Rischard: week-end
  • Georges Toth: 18. - 22. oct, 5. + 7. nov, 8. nov morning - early afternoon
  • Laurent Bohnert
  • Bartek
  • (enter your name or WikiName here, and preferred dates/times)

Ideas for working examples

  • mysqlsla, a MySQL logfile grepper (Guillaume)
  • rekonq (Georges), KDE4 lightweight QtWebkit based web browser: ITPed by Devid Antonio Filoni on 30 May 2009, no action since then. Maybe hijack the ITP.
  • arduino SDK (arduino website)

October 22 2009

LiLux meeting in Strassen

On Wednesday the 21st of October, LiLux, the Luxembourgish Linux User Group met in Strassen. Almost 'til midnight, a multi-cultural and multi-generational mix of geeks led discussions in up to four languages in parallel. People talked about difficulties with non-GNU versions of tar, Firefox's "safebrowsing" capabilities and operation of the Sheevaplug embedded system, amongst other topics which I didn't catch.

Alain and Thierry raised an interesting opportunity for PHP coders: a multi-club membership managment system. While LiLux has such a system in place the code is, so Alain, a mess, and should be cleaned up and objectified a bit. There was even talk of making a workshop out of it so people can learn a bit of PHP while creating something which will be in actual use!

As is absolutely necessary the evening was rounded off with a healthy dose of Windows bashing and the ever so popular "friends and family tech support woes"!

Everyone seemed eager to revive LiLux and keep meeting in Strassen: "now that we know where it is!"

October 11 2009

Arduino Soldering

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Arduino Soldering Workshop Learn how to solder, it's easy! From: 2009/03/15 03:00:00 PM Till: 2009/03/15 08:00:00 PM Recurring: no Where: Pfaffenthal, Luxembourg Cost: free Who: Everyone interested in learning how to solder and program Arduinos Contact Person: SteveClement (mail) Map: Latitude: 49°36′58.32″N
Longitude: 6°4′15.6″E

warning.png"{{{u19}}}" is not in the list of possible values (yes, no) for this property.

Latitude: 49°36′58.32″N
Longitude: 6°4′15.6″E


What is it about?

On the 15th of March we are going to solder an Serial Arduino Board and a few Velleman Kits to afterward Hack them and make them behave in a different way than originally conceived. (Limited to 10 People!)


Arduino, that is. The Arduino Board is based on the Atmega 168 Microprocessor and comes with a very easy to use development platform. We will explain every possible step from the Soldering to your first Blinking LED. Need more explications, the Tube is your friend:


The Workshop will be held in the C3L Admin HQ

DoorBell: Michael Quest

99A, rue Laurent Ménager L-2143 Luxembourg

Needed Skill Level

You can be a Total Beginner or an advanced überGeek in electronics (meaning you smell Resistor and no it's characteristics) We have something for everyone!


The different instructions will be given in the Language you understand (.lu/.de/.fr/.en) so no worries just come along.

The Agenda

Starting from 15h00 we will go through the different Kits and decide who does what. Then a short introduction into Arduinos' and the different offspring. The beginner group will then get a more or less detailed introduction into the different parts of the Arduino Kit. The expert group can Hack away immediately and share their experiences with the rest of us. Once everyone has a more or less functional Arduino Board we will hook it up to the Laptops and Program the Board with an easy circuit first and, time permitting, something fancier afterwards.

We will provide

There will be approximately 6 full soldering stations
with all the necessary gear (Multimeter, Wire cutter tools, etc...)

A Dremel - A Hot Glue gun -

These sets will be available FOR SALE. So in case you like what you did
and want to become a REAL Pirate make a future proof investment.
Most of the Kits will be in 3 exemplars, if you are really keen on one, reserve it please.
  • A Room (kindly provided by emQue)
  • 6 30W Soldering Irons with an adequate Tip and stand (but please bring your own should you have one)
  • 6 Third-hands
  • 6 Multimeter (again, you have one bring it please)
  • 6 Ubuntu Laptops with the Arduino IDE
  • Power supplies (some regulated some not, Voltage varies)
  • 500g (yeah) of 1mm and 0.7mm Solder
  • De-soldering stuff
  • Maybe an Oscilloscope (Who can bring one please?)

(and some more so join the Workshop to check it out)

The Costs

No real costs are involved (obviously parts aren't for free), the only thing that would be fair is to be a member (or at least consider becoming one) of the HackerSpace as this Workshop would theoretically be in that Space that is rented/donated/whatever in the Future.

If you have an Arduino already bring it along, if you have an disassembled/maybe_damaged Arduino come along too and we'll fix it.

If you have NOTHING please come along with at least 29€ for the Arduino Kit the rest will be there at your disposal.

If you want to get seriously into prototyping and Soldering consider our essentials.

  • A soldering Iron (30W) with all you need to get Started (solder stuff/de-solder pump/wires etc...) - 25€
  • Tools (Diagonal cutters, cutter, round nose pliers, third hand) - 16€
  • Multimeter - 17€
  • The Starter Pack with a bread board - 29€
  • The full Arduino Serial stuff - 29€ PCB + Parts
  • A fancy box to keep all the spare parts tidy - 5€

And as an HackerSpace exclusive we offer you the following deal -

Iron + Tools + Multimeter + Starter Pack + The Full Arduino Stuff 
Totals to: 116€
Deal: 109€

IMPORTANT! If you combine this with a fine HackerSpace membership of only 42€ (21€ Students and People that seek work) another 10€ will be slashed bringing this to a ludicrous price of 99€

Everything can be purchased separately and will be available on the Day itself BUT please Order beforehand.

For the different Kit pricing see above but obviously you can bring and roll your own. (Highly encouraged!)

For the more adventurous

If you want to break all the rules and start going crazy why not try a LED-Cube? Or a LED-Square?

Either buy your kit or even better roll your own.

Random Pirate Surfs by and rants

OI! The pre-assembled Kit is 22€ and you charge me 29€! Scallywag!

A: Well me dear Matey. Pre-assembled means NO SPARE PARTS! And most of all NO FUN! 29 €-Bucks gives you all the fun plus the fun to fry-up some parts if you are new to this Sweet trade.

Arrrr, me get it! But Landlubber Avast! On tha Internet me Mateys and I found the Swag for only a few Doubloons! Scallywag!

A: Hmmm, persistent are ya! In Pirate Land things are obviously different, but Ordering this for at least 10 Mateys and making sure all will go right takes time. And we wanted to Support the Local economy (and NOT international waters) we bought most of the stuff from a fellow Partner call SAM S.A Oh yeah AND we have a PirateSpace to fund so y'all can Safely Sail the International nets!

Aye! So sheer Booty in 'he end!


Want do participate?

Either subscribe to our Mailing List and tell us or send an email directly to Steve.

Just Surfed by and want to Buy some stuff?

No problems just drop us a line and we'll manage! Mailto: steve _AAAAATTTTTT_

  • Buy a Pirate shirt, a hoody or other apparel from our Spreadshop!


Real Pirates wear this - - for the WorkShop!


Now that the first Session has ended, quite a few are new Arduino Pirates, we can proceed to step 2. Programming and altering.

If you have a Wii-nunchuck around we could:

Arrrrduino Part Deux

On this years C3L SummerCamp we will have the second half of the Arduino Session

Arrrduino Part II

Add your Workshop
Arrrduino Part II Programming our Arduinos From: 2009/07/03 01:00:00 PM Till: 2009/06/03 04:00:00 PM Recurring: no Where: Dudelange, Luxembourg Cost: 0 Who: Everyone owning an Arduino or compatible board Contact Person: SteveClement (mail) Map: Latitude: 49°28′47.571″N
Longitude: 6°4′39.307″E

warning.png"{{{u19}}}" is not in the list of possible values (yes, no) for this property.

Latitude: 49°28′47.571″N
Longitude: 6°4′39.307″E

What's this?

In March, you soldered your Arduinos, now it's time to get them to obey your command!
Learn how to program your ready-made or self-soldered Arduino boards.

Blender 3D Basics

Add your Workshop
Blender 3D Basics Blender 3D From: 2009/10/04 05:00:00 PM Till: 2009/10/04 07:30:00 PM Recurring: no Where: Strassen, Luxembourg Cost: Free Who: Everyone interested in creating 3-Dimensional Pictures Contact Person: Phlepp (mail) Map: Latitude: 49°36′54.275″N
Longitude: 6°4′20.798″E

warning.png"{{{u19}}}" is not in the list of possible values (yes, no) for this property.

Latitude: 49°36′54.275″N
Longitude: 6°4′20.798″E

(Little Mrs. Head-Note: You can keep the mistakes and eat them)


A Blender Workshop?

Yes, a Blender Workshop! Blender is a 3-D Program which is free and very powerful. It provides all of the basic possible actions, like creating and modelling any kind of meshes, texturing and animating! It also has sort of a "Game-Maker" built-in! (Someone wants to create a new kind of WoW?;) ). Blender has even more features than this! It's too much to mention! We can't go through every part of Blender throughout this Workshop, so this Workshop is just kind of a "sneak-peak" before heading for the Bii[...]iig world of 3D-ing!


4. October 2009 at 17:00


At our Space at Strassen!


There are some things you have to bring with you to make the Workshop as comfortable as possible.

What you should have, but not necessary: - Laptop or Desktop Computer (better would be a Laptop ;)) with a working and not TOO old Graphic Card - An external keyboard (for the Laptop Users) // It's more comfortable, I swear!

What we need: (steve, you surely have what I need ;)) - Beamer - Laptops for those who don't have - Some kind of Laserpointer, to point on the screen, to make explanations more visual (not the Lasertagging LaserPointer okay? ;))

Additional Info

- Blender exists for all of the Major OS's (WIN, MAC, LINUX), so there shouldn't be problems (Windows 7 Beta has Problems with performance! So don't use it ;)) - We are going to create some fancy stuff. Maybe we can use some of the things you produce for the syn2cat ;) (You'll see) - This is really going to be a CRASH-COURSE! You're going to be thrown into ice-cold water and you'll get much information in a short time! - If you want to take a glimpse of Blender:

I'll update soon ;)

October 09 2009

syn2cat in the news!

We're in the news! A Luxembourgian newspaper in French language followed up on our latest press release, came by the space and published a whole page on us. I must admit that it feels really good when your public relations work finally pays off.

One of our goals, de-securitising 'hackers' seems to be well underway as well. CASES published an article about hackers last Friday and we've been asked to give an interview to a radio station, explaining what hackers really do and why they were (until now?!) so negatively depictured in the media.

Everybody who can should take a glimpse at the article:

October 08 2009

syn2cats' youth efforts - Basic thoughts of concept in integrating HackerSpace culture into general culture

With the inaugural of our fine 120 square meter space in Strassen we can finally pass to some serious business regarding our Kid and Youth projects.

Oh, one thing about our baseline:

"Be excellent to each other, yourself and the material around you"

This philosophy we try to bring to everyone who gets to know us. Especially with youngsters we go the Trust relationship route and show them that even-though you might be 20 years older one can learn from each other without the clash of generations.

In that spirit we have made a step towards a National Youth Organization that embraces our efforts and tries to support us and most important of all is our vessel into Youth Clubs to bring new Technologies closer to those that currently use them the most.

Content is available in various forms but the most valuable will be our Workshops that we can hold either in our Space or even remotely if it is necessary.

It is simply composed by the following modules:

- Geocaching
 - What is it?
 - Can I build one myself?
 - How does the Technology work in detail behind it?

- Soldering for beginners
 - My first finger burn, what now?
 - Everyone can be a world-class soldering ninja/pirate
 - So I can even teach my elders now?!

- Arduino the oomlout way
 - ARDX, the X stands for X-cellent
 - World domination through micro-controllers
 - Components, IC's and more

- Toothbrushes + Pager Motors = Robots
 - So different, yet so close
 - Robotics basics
 - Easy, elegant yet so challenging

This is a short abstract of what we will be doing for the rest of the year.

The Geo-caching is the IDEAL method to get a certain Physical exercise into the equation and can be combined with either of the other modules

These simple yet effective components combine a bewildering scope of social as well as highly technical topics, e.g:

- Licensing models (CC vs. Classic)
- Open Source (Software, Hardware, Books ...)
- Health and Safety issues
- Rapid prototyping
- Engineering
- Arts and Crafts
- Environmental changes and Technologies

Whilst the entire course will be based on the Freedom of Open Technologies to allow everyone worldwide to just copy our ideas we do not pretend that there is the other side, the more closed side with it's sometimes rigid structures.

Our firm belief lies in openness and teaching the entire spectrum of a topic without hiding the ugly but constructively discussing it.

Another, more experimental to some, but rather logical for us, outcome must be that the subjects that have been taught can be taught again to others. We encourage the young participants of our Workshops to teach their neighbor in case he gets stuck. (This also prevents general boredom by maybe more advanced/skilled people)

While some of this seems too idyllic or even naive, you should always aim for the best outcome as the harsh Real World might catch up eventually and you need your hopes and dreams to fight off that unwelcome reality.

October 06 2009

October 10 & 11 == OpenWeekend!

This WE (october 10 & 11), the hackerspace in Strassen will be open for 36 hours in a row...starting on Saturday 10h00 with a coffee and croissant and end on Sunday night around 22h00.
During the whole time, there will be several scheduled and random activities from soldering to lasertagging, tiny bot building and rocket engineering. There's something for everybody, so feel free to drop by!

More information can be found on our dedicated wiki

Vintage Galore @ syn2cat Strassen

The vintage computer museum at syn2cat is growing. In addition to a fully functional NeXT station, an old CRT iMac, two SparcStations and an OLD HP workstation, the latest C3L meeting added a massive Sun server on which we swiftly installed FreeBSD. Thanks to emQue for lending the machine to the hackerspace! C3L meets every Monday at the space, starting at about 8 in the evening.  If you like computers and network security, come along and join us for some interesting discussion or simply a cold beer!

October 03 2009

Lët'z Hack! - The hacker programme with syn2cat

Join the members of the Luxembourgish hackerspace, syn2cat, on a journey through the exciting world of technology. Accentuated by progressive electronic music we present new developments in electronics and computer science and report on congruent news from the art and music scenes. Together with interesting guests we aim to discuss the problems raised by intellectual property, security in the digital age and the development of our fundamental rights as a consequence of these issues. In addition, we will regularly relate captivating projects from the hackerspace and explain simple hacks which you can do at home.
Check out the show's page and recent podcasts on our wiki.

September 25 2009

In celebration of the finding that the human heart is a turing machine, the syn2cat spreadshirt shop publishes this special Turing shirt-collection.
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September 13 2009

OpenWeekend - october 10 & 11, 2009

The weekend will serve to show off our hackerspace. We will open our premises to every visitor 48 hours in a row.
We will open on Saturday morning at 10h00 with a breakfast and close it with a thank you note on Sunday around 22h00.
Of course, these are not full 48 hours, but hey...we'll just pretend ;-)

A range of workshops and presentations will be held during the weekend. A couple of activities have already been suggested, but feel free to add yours to the list.

More details on the OpenWeekend and its schedule can be found on the OpenWeekend wikipage

September 09 2009

syn2cat's new /home

Howdy fellow hackers,

Today is a day to be remembered...we moved into our new /home in
For those of you who have been missing the action, here's our official
address :

syn2cat asbl
11, rue du cimetière
L-8018 Strassen

The location is close to "Les Thermes", parking is right in front and
there is a bus every 10-20 minutes traveling there.

So, if you feel like dropping by to give us a hand, please do so.
Normally tomorrow starting from 10h00 on, the hackerspace will be
occupied with hackers moving furniture ;-)
(via macfreak109)
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September 08 2009

September 02 2009

Now you can buy a shirt or hoody with one of these warning signs @ our spreadshirt shop (mentioning syn2cat) or on the spreadshirt Marketplace (without syn2cat)
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2402 55de 500
our lazzzor rocks: engraved Club-Mate bottle
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